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Does anyone out there have the colour IQ 3Y05 and if so, do you have any suggestions for the perfect nude lip colour?!
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Q. Prom Lipstick Help!!
I'm wearing a navy blue dress and I'm using the Modern Renaissance palette for my eyes. I have very pale neutral-toned skin, blue eyes, and very dark brown hair. I would really like something that doesn't need to be reapplied to often and doesn't look super weird when it wears off. 
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Q. Nars velvet lip pencils
I cannot decide between Nars lip pencils in Walkyrie and Dolce Vita, anyone that could tell me the difference between them? 
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Q. Painful pimple on lips, how do you deal with that?
Ok, so there's acne treatment and various things to treat pimple on the face. If it's drying or harsh, no big deal. But I've got a tiny red bump on the lip that hurts every time I touch it and it's a problem when I eat. Moreover, I JUST manage to recover my lips from it's previous dry/itchy/flaky condition, so.......   Have you ever gotten pimples on your lips? how do you deal with that?   Thanks.
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melikealbani / FRESH FACE / answered
A. I find that using a gentle lip product, like Smith's Rosebud Lip Salve, to be very helpful in soothing painful blemishes on or around the lips. It's so hard to resist ex... see post
Q. Cold Sores!!!
I have this really big cold sore on my lip. Have you heard anything about how it can heal quicker so I can (finally) put on some lip gloss?
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Q. red lipstick always turns pink!
I really want to start wearing a red lip more often, but every time I try on a red lipstick it turns an awful hot pink color! I'm very fair with pink undertones and I'm tired of wasting money on reds that don't stay red. Any help from someone who may have the same problem would be very much appreciated
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A. I know exactly what you mean -- I have the same coloring, and many reds go hot pink or even orangey on me. The best reds I have found are NARS Gipsy (described as warm b... see post
Q. Whats your ideal product?
If you had to wear a nude brown or nude pink shade or coral pink for lipstick / matte lipstick what brand would it be?  (staying power does not really matter) 
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Q. What lipstick is closest to this color?
While watching the the Olympics last week, I fell in love with this Italian gymnast's lip color. I'm not very makeup savvy, so I need help finding lipsticks that are that color or similar (along with it being matte like hers). Any help is appreciated, because I need to get my hands on this.
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Q. What is a good nude lip for black women?
This is what I look like
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A. You should  try The Estee Edit the barest lipcolor 04. It  would be pretty with your skin tone. see post
Q. My lipstick won't stick to the inside of my lips
My lipstick won't apply towards the center of my lips. Even when my mouth is closed you can see a definite division between where my lipstick applied and where it hasn't. It is a matte lipstick by Nars in Shanghai Express (red). Do you know a good primer that will solve this issue ot any other suggestions?
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Laura2121 / FRESH FACE / answered
A. I have this same problem which can really get annoying because I love wearing bright red lipstick, I have found that putting a lip crayon of the same colour on before my... see post
Q. lipstick help!
I notice that when I put on lipstick the color because more red than the package and that might be because I have naturally redder lips. Is there any way to neutralize it?   Also when I wear liquid lipstick I notice that even if I wait around 5 mins before touching it, it'll come off anything. Any help?
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Q. lip primer
in your opinion, what is the best lip primer? i wear a lot of darker and unconventional colours, with the occasional nude.
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Q. Lipstick Shade Recommendation
I am going to prom and I need recommendation on a lipstick shade. I have fair skin with pink undertones, but I will be rather tan for the event, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and my dress will be bright yellow. My favorite brands are tarte, Too Faced, and Urban Decay. Thanks for your recommendations! 
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Q. Does anyone know of a lip balm/treatment that works with liquid lipsticks?
Does anyone know of a lip balm/treatment that works with liquid lipsticks? All of the ones I have tried don't work with the liquid lipstick as it makes it transfer, smudge, and become un-matte. I don't really care about the finish but I don't want it to smudge/transfer.   Thanks!!!
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Q. Havana Lights worth the hype? Or Colourpop LAX?
Hello, I'm looking to buy a nice burgundy color that is not a lipstick but rather a liquid matte lip stick. Any other recommendations?
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Q. Is it ok to wear red lipstick at 14?
I found a really nice shade of red lipstick that looks good with my skin tone, but I'm not sure if it's acceptable to wear at school sometimes. Any tips?
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Q. Perfect wedding lip color...
I am getting married this winter and being the beauty junkie I am, I am already planning out products for the big day. Much of make up inspiration comes from the perfect sheer berry lip stain worn by Adelaide Kane as Queen Mary in the CW TV show Reign. According to multiple sources the make up artist on the show uses Pixi's (Target) Bitten Berry stain but it is discontinued....  Any suggestions on a sheer, matte magenta/berry toned lip stain for my big day?   Thank you so much for your help!!!!!
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Q. Which is the best lip primer that works to prevent feathering?
HI, I recently purchased MACs lip primer which is supposed to keep the lipstick from feathering and make it stay on longer. I have heard that you should let it dry. I have done all that and still it feathers and wont stay on. I heard of Guerlain's Kiss Kiss, but for the money I want to make sure it really works. Which do you love and cannot live without? That works to keep your lipstick and gloss on while preventing feathering?
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A. The no bleeding lip liner--I found it in those tempting goody bins while waiting in line at Sephora. My lipstick won't bleed and feather--it's a must have. I pair it wit... see post
Q. ABH Liquid lipsticks
Hey everyone, I was just wondering why Canadian Sephora's don't sell the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks? I wanted to buy one today but was informed by a friend that they are not sold in Canada/Vancouver. How come? Do I have to go to America to purchase them?  Thanks in advance.
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Q. Lipstick Coverage?
I have a problem. I have a hard time to find lipsticks/glosses that cover the part of the lips where the lips meet (the pout). I find the look horrible if my own lip color shows through only in that spot.   On my youtube channel I've had a lot of comments that state that is what lipsticks are supposed to do so you don't get the color on your teeth. I have never had that problem with my full coverage lip colors.   What do you guys think?
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Q. Oil-Free Lipstick
HELP! I am looking for a lipstick that is 100% oil-free. No idea where to start!
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Q. Can I...
Can I wear red lipstick? I have pale skin, black hair, blue eyes, and a baby face. A friend of mine told me I can't wear red lipstick because it makes me look weird, like a try-hard, ect. But I'm not sure if it's just her who would think that or everyone. Help?
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HALL OF FAMER greenchilli / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. Of course you can wear red lipstick!   I suggest you try a couple of different formulas and a few different shades to see what flatters you the most and what feels com... see post
Q. I need help finding a lip color like this one! I love it!
I've been searching for a few years now (honestly), for a lip color like this. It's so pretty yet kind of natural. It just looks like a natural flush color. Not too red or pink, it's perfect. I just can't find anything like it. I'm a light skin tone, if that matters. If you have any ideas, plead let me know.
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Q. Peach lip problem
I've got light skin, blue/grey eyes, and the Bite matte creme crayone in the shade pêche. What should I do with my eye makeup? I've looked at tutorials and photos, but none of the looks really do it for me. Any tips?
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Q. Lip help!!!
I never wear anything on my lips and want to start. Need color suggestions. Nothing too bold. I gotta start slow. I'm a rookie. Lol. My lips always get lost in pics. I have blue eyes and brown hair. Thanks xoxo
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A. It's a little pricy, but I think YSL's Tint-in-Oil would be a good icebreaker into lip color.  It's an oil that's hydrating and starts out looking like a lip gloss but t... see post
Q. Pink Lipstick for Medium skin with yellow undertones?
I want a brighter, stand out pink for summer but I'm at a loss as I usually go for darker pinks that I know go with my skin. I don't want to look frosted, and I've seen a few fushias I like the color of but I'm unsure. Thankfully there are more make-up savvy people than I here - help?
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A. I'm light asian complexion, so yellow undertone. I'm assuming by stand out pink you meant fuscia. I got a mini lipstick from Make Up For Ever a while ago and it is brigh... see post
Q. Recommendation Needed: Lipstick similar to Sephora + Pantone Universe Canyon Clay?
I don't think I have ever loved a lip stick like I do Canyon Clay from the Sephroa + Pantone Universe Marsala Layering Lip Collection .   Can anyone recommend a similar lipstick? I love the colour and texture, but too bad it's limited edition. I cannot stop wearing it and desperately need one as I'm almost done this little thing!
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Q. Please suggest a l/s color from Sephoraa's Rouge Creme
Hi, can anyone suggest a color for someone who is never happy with the lippies I buy!!! I have fair/light skin, medium brown eyes and warm med brown hair. I like the creaminess of sephoras rouge creme lipsticks. I bought courtisane, tried it, hated it and returned it. HELP!! I like dark pinks, looking for a semi-bold red, plums, any cool medium to dark pinks,plums,reds and berry. I heard valentine and decolette are pretty. Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks
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A. 1st Night 13 is a gorgeous darkish rose pink color that looks really nice on light skin. The Red 04 is a nice, bold red color, the perfect blueish red. However, if ... see post
Q. Drugstore Dupe for MAC Damn Glamorous (or a matte version of NARS Luxembourg)?
I've been looking for a cool-toned pinky-red matte lipstick for a while and came across MAC's Damn Glamorous, which seems like it's what I'm looking for. However, since I don't wear matte lipsticks often, it doesn't make sense for me to drop a lot of money on one, so I was hoping to find a drugstore dupe (that is also matte). For another frame of reference, NARS' satin lipstick in Luxembourg is similar to what I'm looking for as well. Any suggestions?   MAC Damn Glamorous   NARS Luxembourg from Temptalia's site
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