lipstick color adjusters (dark/matte)

I'm looking for a lipstick color adjuster that offsets brightness/saturation. I'm really loving dark lips for fall, but I just can't find a good lipstick for me--the dark ones I've tried are either so dark they border on costumey, or are too saturated with color for my taste


Specifically, I'm looking for something ashy/less saturated--so basically, a dark grey I could wear under other lipsticks.


I know Sephora USED to carry something called the 'Color Adjuster Lipstick' in Matte Gray (shade 926). That's exactly what I'm looking for, but it's been discontinued for so long, I can't even find it on ebay Smiley Sad



(in this pic, the top is the lipstick alone, and the 3rd and 5th photos show how it works under different lipsticks)


Does anyone know where I could find anything like this?? Even when searching for regular gray lipsticks, the best I could find was a shimmery gunmetal. Anything suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Estee Lauder just came out with a series of "undertone" kind of lipstick including grey, gold and others. I suggest checking those out altho they might have a sheen.


I have not tried this, but I know people have used eyeliner as lipliners before, so if you don't have sensitive/super dry lips, you can try an eyeliner in your desired shade under your lip color (and they have eyeliner of every color seriously).

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I haven't been able to find you a grey lipstick either, but maybe you could use MAC Lipmix. It is an opaque cream that you use to change the color/shade of lipstick. I scrape a bit of the lipstick that I want to change color in a Lipmix palette, but you can do this in a small container with lid. Then add a bit of Lipmix and stir with a toothpick or the Lipmix paddle. Then apply. Since you want a matte finish, start with a matte lipstick. Lipmix doesn't change the final finish (matte or glossy), just the shade. They have a black that would work for you, it's in their Pro Line, which is now available online, you used to only be able to get it in certain stand alone MAC stores.

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Hi Paintyourxtarget,


The only product that I found with a grey undertones is the Illamasqua Alter Ego Mystery Selection. It comes with a lot of products that are grey and perfect for mixing with other products!


Illamasqua - Alter Ego Mystery Selection

This set contains:
- 0.5 oz Nail Varnish in Jo’Mina (electric lilac)
- 0.14 oz Lipstick in Fable (rose pink matte)
- 0.2 oz mystery Intense Lipgloss
- 0.2 oz mystery Sheer Lipgloss
- 0.14 oz mystery Cream Blusher
- 0.014 mystery Lipstick
- 0.07 oz mystery Cream Eye Shadow
- 0.28 oz mystery Liquid Metal
- 2 x 0.035 oz mystery Medium Pencil

<3 Melissa
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