lipstick color adjusters (dark/matte)

I'm looking for a lipstick color adjuster that offsets brightness/saturation. I'm really loving dark lips for fall, but I just can't find a good lipstick for me--the dark ones I've tried are either so dark they border on costumey, or are too saturated with color for my taste


Specifically, I'm looking for something ashy/less saturated--so basically, a dark grey I could wear under other lipsticks.


I know Sephora USED to carry something called the 'Color Adjuster Lipstick' in Matte Gray (shade 926). That's exactly what I'm looking for, but it's been discontinued for so long, I can't even find it on ebay Smiley Sad



(in this pic, the top is the lipstick alone, and the 3rd and 5th photos show how it works under different lipsticks)


Does anyone know where I could find anything like this?? Even when searching for regular gray lipsticks, the best I could find was a shimmery gunmetal. Anything suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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