lip gloss...

ive tried several lipglosses.. of course they are way too sticky and feel gooey on my lips...


whats a good brand out there?

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I love the Lip Love Honey glosses from Urban Decay, they've got a nice slick feel so they don't get gummy or tacky on the lips. No worries abount "strings" of lip gloss at your bottom and top lip when opening your mouth! They're packed with antioxidants and humectants to keep lips hydrated and the colors are very sheer and give a super slick shine!


Just squeeze out a tiny bit, then run the applicator over your lips to distribute as opposed to consistantly pressing on the tube when applying.

thank youuu
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No prob, two of my faves from that line are the hot pink one and nude one. The nude makes the perfect shade on bare lips and the hot pink looks outrageous in the tube, but give lips a pretty, petal pink pout!
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