is it worth it???
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hi everyone! so i have previously bought the fresh sugar lip balm and it worked very well, however, im not sure if i will buy it again solely because of the price. in your opinion, is 22 dollars for a lip balm too much to spend? does anyone know of any great natural lip balms either? thanks for any help!!!

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I really like the Fresh lip balms myself.  I like the tints (except trying coral seemed a bit much for me).  I've got a small rose in my purse, plum in the bathroom, passion on my dresser, and the therapy one on my nightstand.  Okay, maybe I have a problem. :smileyhappy:


I do think that $22 can be a bit much, but I really like how they feel and wear them often; many lipsticks are that expensive or more at Sephora and I wear the lip balm more.


I think it's a better value when you buy them in sets.  I liked the set of lots of mini colors at Christmas.  Great with the sale discount.  I don't see any fabulous bundles right now, but I've bought sets of the full size balm and the scrub for about $2.50 more than the balm, and the scrub is 1/2 sized.


I don't know of any natural lip balms.  I picked up Burts Bees at Whole Foods (and keep one in the car; it handles heat much better) but I don't know if it's all natural or not.  (Natural is hard for me; not everything natural is great for you and some chemicals can really help your skin.  I go for avoiding things that are unhealthy myself, sorry.)


And yes, I used the BDAY2012 code myself to pick up more.  I am well stocked for a while.

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I too second the burts bees with mango! I love it! I also like the pure vitamin E stick, very moisturizing and under $2. I get mine at Walmart in the Vitamin/Supplement aisle.

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Everyones suggestions are great. I love the Fresh lip balms but i agree with the price being a bit too high for me. I find they last me forever. I got the birthday gift last year when i ordered online and when i went in store they gave me another. And the promo code BDay2012 was still working a few weeks ago when i placed an order so i got another. I haven't run out of the little ones yet. But i might purchase a set some Fresh that has a lot of little ones. I don't like how huge the one for $22 is. I've tried some other ones and just am not impressed with any as much as the Fresh. 

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I have to say, even though it's not natural, the Jack Black lipbalm is AMAZING!!! The mint one even plumps your lips a little, well mine anyways. I was using Fresh before but thought I'd try Jack Black as it is cheaper. I will NEVER go back to Fresh or any other lip balm fo that matter. Everyone is different though so this is just my opinion :smileyhappy:

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See, for me, the fresh sugar lip balm (clear one) is not *enough* hydration when my lips are dry and chapped. It just sits on top of my lips but never really absorbs. Rosebud Salve *always* works for me, its 6 bucks or so so it costs more than the average drugstore lip balm but its worth every penney to me. Plus, you get so much product that even with everyday use it lasts for months and months. I used up a tin of the original rosebud salve, the smiths minted rose and am now using the strawberry tin right now. I've also used up a dior crème de rose lipbalm which is 27 bucks without tax ( !!!) and as much as I love Dior, I didn't like it nearly as much as my beloved original rosebud salve in the tin.

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EOS for sure, but only the lemon/yellow one has SPF 15!

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The fresh sugar lip balms are nice however I think the pricing on them is less than favorable. I tend to reach a lot more towards my burt bees and medicated chapstick more than it. Have you ever tried the burt's bees lipbalms?? They tend to be more favorable being in a stick form also Lush's lip balms that come in a pot would be good to look at. So those are my two options for you! :smileyhappy: Btw I own a bubblegum flavored lip scrub from lush and it really helped my lips as well.


So I searched on Sephora & Jack Black & Fresh are not natural

Here are the results when you click on lip treatments & check the natural box!pageSize=-1&ref[]=100106&categoryNa... 

Most of them are in pots, which I loath! I hate sticking my fingers in things, especially then to put it on my lips. yuck :smileysad:  


Hi, 19blue19!  I'm happy with my Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm With Mango Butter.  The scent isn't the best, but it feels great on my lips.


Depends on how dry your lips are. If you've got normal dry lips, rose salve or any drugstore lip balm will do, then no need to get this. But if your lips are so dry in the winter that none of the drugstore lip balms work, like what happened with me (cracked/peeling/flaky lips), then this is wonderful. The only other lip balm with comparable effect for super dry lips is Jack Black, but that kind of leaves a film and do not have a tinted version.


Natural lip balms.....I like EOS, they are drugstore and cute. I think Jack Black is natural? not sure.

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I prefer the Dior Addict Lip Glow in the summer because it doesn't melt in my purse like the Fresh ones do, but it's not natural & it's more expensive. 

The Jack black lip treatments are amazing! 


I think it's totally subjective whether it's worth it or not- if you like the product, it may be for you. That said, I'm using a lip balm that's even more than that- and find it useful.


You also may want to look at Rosebud Salve- it's a great basic lip balm.


Hi 19blue19, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is one of our best selling lip balms, and many people feel that it's totally worth the price.  Here are some other options that I really like as well:


Sephora Colletion Super Nourishing Lip Balm


Super Nourishing Lip Balm.jpg


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy


Ultra Repair Lip Therapy.jpg


Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 (comes in different flavors)


Jack Black Lip Balm SPF 25.jpg


:smileyhappy: -Laura

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