is it worth it???
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hi everyone! so i have previously bought the fresh sugar lip balm and it worked very well, however, im not sure if i will buy it again solely because of the price. in your opinion, is 22 dollars for a lip balm too much to spend? does anyone know of any great natural lip balms either? thanks for any help!!!

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I really like the Fresh lip balms myself.  I like the tints (except trying coral seemed a bit much for me).  I've got a small rose in my purse, plum in the bathroom, passion on my dresser, and the therapy one on my nightstand.  Okay, maybe I have a problem. Smiley Happy


I do think that $22 can be a bit much, but I really like how they feel and wear them often; many lipsticks are that expensive or more at Sephora and I wear the lip balm more.


I think it's a better value when you buy them in sets.  I liked the set of lots of mini colors at Christmas.  Great with the sale discount.  I don't see any fabulous bundles right now, but I've bought sets of the full size balm and the scrub for about $2.50 more than the balm, and the scrub is 1/2 sized.


I don't know of any natural lip balms.  I picked up Burts Bees at Whole Foods (and keep one in the car; it handles heat much better) but I don't know if it's all natural or not.  (Natural is hard for me; not everything natural is great for you and some chemicals can really help your skin.  I go for avoiding things that are unhealthy myself, sorry.)


And yes, I used the BDAY2012 code myself to pick up more.  I am well stocked for a while.

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