is it worth it???
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hi everyone! so i have previously bought the fresh sugar lip balm and it worked very well, however, im not sure if i will buy it again solely because of the price. in your opinion, is 22 dollars for a lip balm too much to spend? does anyone know of any great natural lip balms either? thanks for any help!!!

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Depends on how dry your lips are. If you've got normal dry lips, rose salve or any drugstore lip balm will do, then no need to get this. But if your lips are so dry in the winter that none of the drugstore lip balms work, like what happened with me (cracked/peeling/flaky lips), then this is wonderful. The only other lip balm with comparable effect for super dry lips is Jack Black, but that kind of leaves a film and do not have a tinted version.


Natural lip balms.....I like EOS, they are drugstore and cute. I think Jack Black is natural? not sure.

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