are big lips good or bad

are big lips good or ad i have pretty big lips and i was just wonering if its bad my friend makes fun of my other friend and i for having big lips , i always thought they looked ok but mabye its just cuz her lips are thin but still.

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My thought is your friend is actually insecure about herself, hence why she decided to make such a comment to you; To make you insecure about something unchangable, the same as she is, except your insecurity will be what makes her feel better about herself.  Don't let this girl abuse you; You're better off ditching this b!tch and finding real friends who don't try to make you feel bad about yourself.  This can only be one step in a long, endless cycle of odd abuses that only serve to hurt you, and make her feel superior (For example, sleeping with someone you date, just for the fact that it would hurt you--I've known girls who did this), and it's the trait of a sociopath.  Even if she isn't one, getting away from this will also tell her she can't do this to people and expect to have someone at her side in the end.



Also; Consider the fact that most women getting plastic surgery done to their lips?  They're getting their lips plumped--or enlarged--to mimic what you already have.  I have, however, never once heard of someone getting their lips reduced (Unless it was the result of over-plumping, which cosmetic surgery is always responsible for.)

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