Which is the best lip primer that works to prevent feathering?

HI, I recently purchased MACs lip primer which is supposed to keep the lipstick from feathering and make it stay on longer. I have heard that you should let it dry. I have done all that and still it feathers and wont stay on. I heard of Guerlain's Kiss Kiss, but for the money I want to make sure it really works. Which do you love and cannot live without? That works to keep your lipstick and gloss on while preventing feathering?

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I really love the Mac Lip primer.  I locks on my Lip stains and lip sticks.  You have to let the primer set, so when you apply the MAC primer, both on your lip and a little outside your lip line, you then wait 20 sec or so until your lips become tacky and then apply your lip stick or stain.


The MAC store on Col. Ave. in NYC is completly sold out of this stuff, that is how good it is.



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