Which YSL glossy stain would best suit me?
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I've been wanting to get my hands on these for awhile but no sephora in my area carries them so I am just going to order online. The color that appeals to me most is #5 Rouge Vintage. I'm looking for an mlbb "my lips but better" shade, and from seeing swatches online this seems to fit the bill. However I'm afraid of how it will look on me. I have very fair skin with pink undertones and dark brown hair/eyes also very pale lips. I'm planning to use this color for the staining properties and not for the full on heavy gloss look. Has anyone ever tried this color? If so, how long does the stain last and did it turn a weird shade. Is it warm or cool toned? Any other color suggestions are greatly appreciated!


PS: I don't like corals or bright pink colors because they look funny on me.

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I actually think this color will be great for you just to use as a stain. These colors are different than they look, I have alot of these and I love them all! Hope this helps!

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