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What shade of lipstick for a Marilyn Monroe look?
I'm naturally blonde, have clear, fair skin and large blue eyes. I also have big lips. I've been told many imes that I look like Marilyn Monroe and that I look like I could be a pinup girl(huge compliments!!) I'm already very into the vintage old Hollywood look, I do cat eyes and hot pink lips every day( I use MAC's Speak Louder) but I want to get a red lipstick for special occasions. Like Marilyn Monroe colored. I cannot wear anything even slightly orange, it looks atrocious on me. Can y'all help me find my perfect lipstick match?? Thanks!! Xoxo
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At MAC makeup they have a new set of makeup and its marylin monroe.  I did a pin up shoot just two weeks ago and people say that the makeup and me looked just like her.  and the lip stick and lipliner is called redd with two Ds. 

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