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What shade of lipstick for a Marilyn Monroe look?
I'm naturally blonde, have clear, fair skin and large blue eyes. I also have big lips. I've been told many imes that I look like Marilyn Monroe and that I look like I could be a pinup girl(huge compliments!!) I'm already very into the vintage old Hollywood look, I do cat eyes and hot pink lips every day( I use MAC's Speak Louder) but I want to get a red lipstick for special occasions. Like Marilyn Monroe colored. I cannot wear anything even slightly orange, it looks atrocious on me. Can y'all help me find my perfect lipstick match?? Thanks!! Xoxo
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Not sure if this color will go with blue eyes, but I am blonde and light skinned and I've found Nars lip pencil in Dragon Girl. A sephora rep helped me find it by trying on a million colors, and since then, I've had so many compliments on the color...even from other makeup counters. I don't think it's orange based, but I'm not sure...go have fun and try them all on to see! And I think Marlyn Monroe's figure was gorgeous so congrats.
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MAC Russian Red or MAC Ruby Woo

guerlain kiss kiss in 523 exces de rouge...It's the closest in color and finish to marilyn's lipstick according to a celeb makeup artist plus its dita von teese favorite... I know its an investment but not really that expensive if you only use it for special occasions and guerlain's lipsticks are high quality and long lasting!!! hope that helps.
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ROUGE PUR COUTURE SPF15 - Pure Colour Satiny Radiance


1 Le Rouge - blood red


This lipstick is simply amazing, has a creamy texture and lasts forever. In addition, it is in my opinion the most perfect red. Not too deep, not too bright, and no trace of orange!

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Bright red or a dark red would look amazing
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At MAC makeup they have a new set of makeup and its marylin monroe.  I did a pin up shoot just two weeks ago and people say that the makeup and me looked just like her.  and the lip stick and lipliner is called redd with two Ds. 

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