What's the best pale pink lipstick...matte finish with no shimmer...please advise!
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I'm looking for a light, pale pink lipstick...more of a matte, or flat color, with NO shimmer...I wondered if anyone had any suggestions or if anyone had tried the Pale Pink Lip Color from Bobbi Brown's Collection or the YSL lipstick in 6 Rouge Bergamasque?  I'm really wanting a creamy lipstick that looks more "flesh tone" and soft pink than a pastel / Barbie pink...Thanks so kindly for any suggestions or advice...Cheers!   

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A matte pink lipstick that I like to wear because it is very long lasting is Sephora Brand's "Maniac Mat Long Wearing Matte Lipstick" in the color "Mat 01".  Just make sure that you've exfoliated your lips before wearing this matte finished lipstick because it shows any rough spots on your lips.  It's affordable too at only $12 a tube.  Hope this is helpful to you...

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yves saint laurent rouge volupté #2 sensual silk


it's a pale fleshy pink, not totally matte but a creamy finish with no shimmer. it looks good on most skintones.

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My favorite is Bobbi Brown's Blondie Pink with gliter lipgloss in nude. Sadly Blondie Pink does not come in creamy lipstick though I love it, and the closest match would be Baby but I don't like it as much as Blodie Pink. Sadly Sephora doesn't carry the mentioned colors..

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My daily, go-to lipstick shade is a great pink nude from NARS called "Cruising." It's definitely a flesh-toned pink!





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Since you're looking for a creamy lipstick, you might like Shiseido's Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Spiced Cream or Baby...  It's isn't a true matte lipstick though (I find those too drying and cakey looking).  This is really a nice compromise with great color payoff.


I have this lipstick in Pink Tourmaline and can't wait to get more colors!  Feels great on the lips!

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