What lip colors go best with brown eyes and lighter skin?
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Your eyes don't really affect the way lipstick looks on you but I think that your skintone would have more of an impact.

A hot red lip to me is always sexy and alluring. On the other hand, having dark eyes means that nudes will also look really good on you (especially peachy nudes).

Other hues I like, corals, peaches, berry tones, fuschia, magenta.


Hope that helps!


The whole light skin vs dark skin isn't 100 percent the reason why a color looks great on you, or another looks kind of blah. A lot of this has to do with the undertone of your skin. Many makeup companies try to reach out to different ethnicities in order to give them a safe, free range of choices. For example, Black Radiance comes to mind, a company out to provide shades for dark skinned women. However, not all dark skin or light has the same undertones. So, just because two women are from the same background doesn't mean their undertones are the same. It is a good starting point, although. So, your first step is determining your skin's undertone because that also has to be taken into consideration. A lot of Mediterreanean women with light skin has an olive skintone, so warmer colors compliment them best. Look at your skin. Does it have a rosey glow to it? To test out your skintone pull out a couple of your old lipsticks. Decide which one looks best on you. Do nice cool pink lipsticks look good on you, while corals don't look as good? Then, you probably have a light skintone with more cool pink undertones. This skintones can wear a variety of beautiful pinks, and peaches, pretty much any color, if the undertone of the color is right. I've set up a little chart for you, and I hope it helps you at least a little, it can be confusing at times. Colors on the more neutral side, pretty much suit everyone.



 1. Reds: Blue Reds: Suit light skin with cool undertones, dark skin with cool undertones. Try Revlon Cherries in the Snow lipstick

                 Yellow Reds: Suit skintones with warm undertones. Try Mac lipstick in Chili


2. Pinks: Blue Pinks: Suit light skin with cool undertones, dark skin with cool undertones.

                 Yellow Pinks: Suit light skin with olive undertones, medium skin with olive/ warm/ golden tones, and dark with golden undertones

                   Brown Pinks: Suit pretty much everyone, but especially those with darker skin tones, sometimes too light of pinks can clash with darker skin


3. Oranges: True Oranges: look good on warmer skintones

     Pink Oranges: look better on cooler skintones, too much orange can clash



 I hope this helped you at least a little bit, there are exceptions to these rules, but it is a nice guideline. Some colors are universally flattering. You should try Nars Orgasm lipgloss it looks good on a variety of skintones.


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Since I do have light skin and brown hair I can give you an idea of what I have for my lips. I do enjoy MAC products, I think a baby pink is cute, maybe you can work a nude, light colors if you know what I mean, You wouldn want to go for a brown or even a black, save those colors for halloween hahha. I saw Lady GaGa wearing a nude and it really looked good on her, it worked so if you have that pale skin, you should try it the color is called "Viva Glam GaGa 2" It's a nude, I as well have the color and I find it nice. What I would really find cute and I wish I can pull it off?? Is a red lip!

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