What is your experience with Fresh Honey lip treatment/tints?

I have been hearing amazing things about the Fresh Honey lip tints!  Keeps and makes lips beautiful while providing an awesome tint for Summer.


BT talkers, have you had the same experience or otherwise?



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Hey Ladies

I agree totally. I actually have the fresh surgar honey lip tint and I love it. I wanted it for a long time but I really didnt want to spend the money on "sheer" lip tint but I finally gave in recently and purchased it. Im glad I did. I still think it is too pricey however I think that if you want a nice natural look or just a hint of color if you are wearing a lot of eye shadow or what have you I think it is great. I think I really wanted to try the purple but was scared of how it would turn out however I want just a tad bit more color than what this one provides sso I will get purple next time. i mean its sheer so it wont be too much of anything but it does have a very faint light pink color which i think is good. i usually add a very faint pink lipstick (victoria secret) just to bring it out a little. Oh, and yes the moisture factor is wonderful. it makes your lips feel very soft too which some others will have good moisture but your lips will feel sticky or still dry (cant really put my finger on the feel) but this stuff is great. I give it 4 stars. Just because of the price but a little cheaper and it would get 5. great product so go get it girlfriend!!! Smiley Happy  

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