What is your experience with Fresh Honey lip treatment/tints?

I have been hearing amazing things about the Fresh Honey lip tints!  Keeps and makes lips beautiful while providing an awesome tint for Summer.


BT talkers, have you had the same experience or otherwise?



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I love the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment(s).  These are given out to family and friends around holiday season or anytime I send anyone a beauty gift.  Tubes can be found on my vanity, in my purse, or in a drawer (backup).  It is the one item I never leave home without.


These are comfortable to wear without the waxy heavy Vaseline texture that seems accustomed to most balms.  And unlike many balms of the past, these actually do moisturize and help soothe cracked lips.  I do wear a natural lip most of the time so the clear version works the best for me.  Sometimes if I want a bit of color, I use the Rose color in the daytime.  It is a natural looking tint and has the same effectiveness as the clear one.  It does have a different smell to it.  Nothing unpleasant though.  The SPF is an added bonus.


I cannot vouch what the Honey color looks like but it is probably a lovely sheer with the right skin tone and and lip coloring.  Personally, nudes look strikingly odd and unnatural on me so I avoid them.  On the other hand, for those who can pull off nude colors and tints well, then this one should not cause any problems. 


I also wear it at night to keep my lips from getting dehydrated or other unpleasant things. 

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