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What is a good lipbalm without SPF?

My mother's lips are EXTREMELY allergic to sunscreen, so everything I use is too harsh for her and makes her lips swell up like balloons.  She's always using vaseline but is there anything fancier I could buy for her?

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If she's a Vaseline user, she'll probably like the Rosebud Salve since it's the most similar in moisturizing power and texture. However, it does smell strongly of roses, so I hope she's not allergic to perfume as well.


You might also want to try balms by:










Clinique Superbalm:


Josie Maran:


Most are brands that use all-natural ingredients free of irritants. Hope you find something nice and suitable to your mom! (But don't be surprised if she sticks with good old Vaseline. My mom will never change. Smiley Wink)

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Hahaha, my mother is usually unimpressed by my cosmetic recommendations but I still keep trying! Oddly enough, she's usually not hard to please otherwise. She will probably never abandon her vaseline, but thanks for all of the alternatives Smiley Happy
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You're welcome and good luck! Let me know if she actually decides she wants to abandon Vaseline for something else! Smiley Very Happy
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