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What is a good lipbalm without SPF?

My mother's lips are EXTREMELY allergic to sunscreen, so everything I use is too harsh for her and makes her lips swell up like balloons.  She's always using vaseline but is there anything fancier I could buy for her?

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If she's a Vaseline user, she'll probably like the Rosebud Salve since it's the most similar in moisturizing power and texture. However, it does smell strongly of roses, so I hope she's not allergic to perfume as well.


You might also want to try balms by:










Clinique Superbalm:


Josie Maran:


Most are brands that use all-natural ingredients free of irritants. Hope you find something nice and suitable to your mom! (But don't be surprised if she sticks with good old Vaseline. My mom will never change. Smiley Wink)

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I like EOS lip balm in mint, it's moisturizing without the SPF. I also have been liking Smith's Rosebud lipbalm Both are nice and you can also find them at most walgreens stores.


Rosebud Salve! It comes in Original, Mint and Strawberry. I cant live without this item. Its a lipbalm that can also be used for dry skin, rough patches on face, as a cuticle cream..etc. You get a HUGE tin for around 6 bucks. I've been using the same tin everyday, multiple times a day, on lips, dry hands, and cuticles since last December, and I'm only halfway through the tin.




My personal favorite lip balm is the NUDE Skincare Nude Lips! I apply this in the morning as part of my routine and depending on the weather I can go the whole day without having to reapply or if it's cold then just twice a day.  I also recommend applying this right before bed so you'll wake up with smooth lips. Smiley Wink I hope this helps.


i highly recommend 'aquaphor'. it is water based but thick like vaseline. great moisturizer (can be used for burns so good for sensitive areas). i think aquaphor is manufactured by eucirin cream company


The best lip balm I've ever used (and my mom, who also has extremely sensitive skin, loves it too) is Sara Happ "The Lip Slip." It's expensive, but completely worth it: it softens and smooths lips better than anything I've ever tried. Sephora doesn't sell it, but you can easily buy it online. I hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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