Super-Color Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Plumping Gloss

What color should I buy if I have fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes.

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Since these are all very flattering colors, I imagine you could pull off any of them. Yummy Plum would be lovely for spring, and Half Naked would be a great everyday neutral staple. I would only get Clear or Candy Gloss if you are not looking for much color, but you like to layer over other glosses.


I have those same features! Smiley Happy

I can imagine you wearing Candy Gloss. If you want a bit of a deeper color, Half Naked is perfect.

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I have the Sexy Mother Plumper and while I admit it tingles at first, I cant say I see a dramatic plumpling of my lips.  I have normal lips and it doesnt do much for them to plump.  Fun to use, but I just go with with fav lip glosses now, since I cant stand a sticky lipgloss, and its a little sticky.

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