Suggestions for a clear lip liner?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a clear lip liner? I love bright/ bold lipstick & want a clear liner so it won't change the color & so I don't have to worry about finding a close match for the more vibrant colors. I found one from Maybelline but I feel like it is too waxy/hard and doesn't help lipstick last any longer. Any ideas? Thanks!

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swfupload_4216388107437755018.jpgI have been using the one by Urban decay - Ozone, and i have to say its amazing... and the best part its just one clear liner and i do not have to buy bunch of colored liners. I used it with both nude and really bright lip colors, and i have not seen any fethering, or fading.


I was not able to find it on the website, but i have found it at my local sephora.

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That's great to hear that you had good experiences with bright colors. I just bought a bunch of the Maybelline Vivids for spring/ summer & do not want to even attempt to find close color matches for all of them! I'll check for this in store & hopefully I can find it.
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Good luck! that's exactly why I bought the clear liner, because last year I went on a craze with bright lipsticks! I hope you'll like it Smiley Happy
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