Stila After Glow Lip Color for Light 44 Skin
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I'm looking at the stil after glow lip color and I'm not sure what color would be best for me (even though I like wearing lipsticks I've gotten the best lipcolor for me from just sheer luck!)
This would be new territory for me since I've never tried glowing lip sticks (I mean, just as long as their not bad for you when you're eating or licking your lips you know?); also I've never tried a violet, electric pink, or any kind of orange color (the only type of fuisha I've tried is from the Sephora Collection lipsticks in Valentine which I like)
Oh and if it helps I have dark brown hair and eyes; and again just as long as this is the type of lip color that I can wear rather than it wearing me xD

I hope that's enough info! Thank you so much!

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