Stila After Glow Lip Color for Light 44 Skin
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I'm looking at the stil after glow lip color and I'm not sure what color would be best for me (even though I like wearing lipsticks I've gotten the best lipcolor for me from just sheer luck!)
This would be new territory for me since I've never tried glowing lip sticks (I mean, just as long as their not bad for you when you're eating or licking your lips you know?); also I've never tried a violet, electric pink, or any kind of orange color (the only type of fuisha I've tried is from the Sephora Collection lipsticks in Valentine which I like)
Oh and if it helps I have dark brown hair and eyes; and again just as long as this is the type of lip color that I can wear rather than it wearing me xD

I hope that's enough info! Thank you so much!

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Hi Cure,

These are so much fun! We have a 'Glow Run' coming up in the city and these would be perfectSmiley Happy For your features, I think that the Festive Fuschia - vibrant fuchsia or the Tangerine Dream would be the top picks! Have you seen the swatches on our Facebook page yet?

<3 Melissa
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Thank you melissabt!


I have seen the swatches! That was what brought these to my attention actually! Smiley Happy I'd seen them before but I thought they might be too bright for me (the only pop of color I guess I've ever tried is MAC's vivaglam gaga 1) so I've seen staying with nudes some reds so again nothing bright but at the same time I'm trying to safely branch out (plus I'm new to Stila and I've only gotten the I think it's called the lipstick balm in Isabelle)


Also I love that you post swatches! I'm not able to go to a Sephora right now so the swatches are very much appreciated!!

That shade is so cute (Isabelle) it's on my wish list! The shade Electric Pink - hot pink is also a nice shade, it's a cute bubble gum colorSmiley Happy
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Isabelle is such a cute color and it's a pink I can get without trying it out since I use Kat Von D's Cathedral as a reference point (plus by best friend's name is Isabelle that's actually the main reason why I got it! Smiley Happy )

Electric Pink I might have to try in store... I've never had that much luck with pink (finding a good red lipstick was an adventure for me, but it was easy compared to pink!)
It really is an awesome pink for spring/summer (or all year round). I swatched it in store and was amazed with the amount of pigment!Smiley Happy
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Nice! I've been looking for a pink that when you see it on me it actually looks pink; Cathedral on me doesn't seem to look pink, but more of an almost dark- nude... again, compared to pink, finding a red was easy! I'd been also looking at the I think it's called Reveal Pink Balm from Sephora where when you put it on, you get your signature pink since it works actually works with your skin... but if all goes well, Isabelle might become my pink! Smiley Happy
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