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Satin and Matte Nude Lipsticks for Women of Color

Hello, I was wondering what some good good nude lipsticks were for black women. I find that for my complexion it's actually harder to find a nice nude lipstick than it is for some black women who are darker than me. My mom has a nice chocolate complexion, not ebony, but chocolate, and she can wear more pink lipsticks than I can and even some of the nude ones that look good on her don't look good on me. I think the fact that my lips are also the largest feature on my face also makes it a bit more challenging. I also have two toned lips. My top lip is completely brown and my bottom lip is like lined with brown and pink in the middle. I do have a lipstick primer but satin and matte would be best just to make sure it's not sheer and my top and bottom lip look like the same color when I put lipstick on. I've always had trouble with that and I don't like the way it looks. bleh.



xoxo Rachel

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