Red lips too bold of a move?

I've always wanted to wear a red lipstain. I have short platinum hair and dress in a hippie-punk way (if there is such a thing). However Ive never worn makeup before. Is this too big of a jump, if so, how can i ease into it?

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The main thing is for you to feel confident when you're wearing it. Red lips look amazing on pretty much everyone, especially if you have a nice fashion sense and it would surely contrast well with your platinum hair. If you feel confident and beautiful, they will never look too bold.

Look for a shade that compliments your skintone and that you are comfortable with and remember to keep the make-up everywhere else natural. If not, you'll look like you're trying way too hard... Wear a sheer coat of blush and very natural eye make-up and enjoy the effect!!! Everyone should wear red lipstick at some point.

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