Pink lipstick recommendations/pink OCC Lip Tars?
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I want to try pink lipstick but can't find one I like or that I feel would look good. I really don't care for hot pink lipsticks so more natural or lighter pinks would be better suggestions. I'm very fair with cool undertones, so fair to the point that I will burn in the sun. No tanning, just burning! I like(d) YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ in Lingerie Pink #7 but the dupes I got didn't look so great. Any one have a suggestion for not-crazy-pinks? Especially OCC Lip Tar shades. I like Digitalis, Ophelia and Hush but I'm super worried they won't look good (especially Ophelia). Help is great. Thanks.

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P.S. I found some swatches of Ophelia and Digitalis from Eleventh Gorgeous' blog:


Ophelia and Digitalis are the 4th and 5th shades over from the left.

Close up of Digitalis:


Close up of Ophelia:



As you can tell, Digitalis has a much more cool, blue toned pink while Ophelia is warmer, but still very vibrant.


The bottom photo has Hush on the far left:


The below photo is from a Blogspot user called Don't Call Me Jessie, I'm posting it because she's also fair skined so it'll at least give you an idea of what is looks like on:



Here's another shot of Hush:



As you can tell Hush is more of a soft, nude pink color, no where near as bright as Digitalis or Ophelia.


The OCC lip tars are quite pigmented so they tend of mask over your natural lip color very well as they're more of a "liquid lipstick" rather than a gloss.

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