Painful pimple on lips, how do you deal with that?

Ok, so there's acne treatment and various things to treat pimple on the face. If it's drying or harsh, no big deal. But I've got a tiny red bump on the lip that hurts every time I touch it and it's a problem when I eat. Moreover, I JUST manage to recover my lips from it's previous dry/itchy/flaky condition, so.......


Have you ever gotten pimples on your lips? how do you deal with that?



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Oh, how awful, and right after you got the flakiness settled down!  When I get lip pimples that hurt and make it hard to eat I get some dental numbing liquid (it's in the dental section or sometimes the baby section, it works for teething also). I dot on just a tiny amount and it makes the spot go numb so you can at least eat in peace. Lasts for awhile too, sometimes lip pimples hurt enough to make it hard to fall asleep and this product will let you sleep soundly. 


These blemishes usually occur for me when I try new lip products, so now that you have the dry lips under control, maybe a less rich (emollient) lip product won't clog your pores. 


Good luck, I hope it clears up right away!

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Hey there,
Actually, what you're describing might be a cold sore, and YES they are extremely painful!
You may want to look into cold sore remedies, as they are designed to rid you of these. It'll probably work better then just numbing. Hope you feel better!
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