Opinions on OCC Lip Tar?
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I have pretty fair skin, and just started wearing lipstick on a pretty regular basis about six months ago.  I absolutely cannot find a lip color that doesn't require what feels like constant re-applying.  I always end up discouraged and going on the rest of my day without it once the color and lipstick in general has just completely worn off.  I've heard through the grapevine that OCC's Lip Tar could solve all my problems.  Could any of you confirm or deny this for me, please?

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I love OCC lip tars and yes they're not 100% budge proof but they stay on wonderfully if you don't plan on eating and stuff like that much during the day/night. 



The main thing with liptars to remember is that a little goes a very very long way and do not put a lip gloss or balm over it. If you think they are drying put a good lipbalm on before doing your makeup so when you get to lipstick its be able to set in a bit ^_^


Also lipliners really work great with liptars because it gives them even more of a texture to grab on to so that helps them stay as well. 

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Try a creamy, neutral lipstick too!


Laura Mericer and Lorac's are my faves as they provide nice, realistic color (match the shade to the inner portion of your lips when you pucker rather than match to your exact lip shade) that last a good 4-6 hours and won't just "disappear" off your lips.

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I love OCC lip tars and I will attest to the fact that they do not budge if you are just going to go out and have a fun time. However, eating, drinking etc. will take it right off. They are not budge-proof on their own at all.

Honestly for anything you put on your lip the best way to make your lip color stay is to keep layering it and set it with a powder. Sounds like a lot of work but it really does pay off in the end.

Here's what I do:

1) slather on lip balm that has ingredients similiar to that of lipstick before you start your make-up (burt's bees lip balm which uses bees wax is a great example of this). Continue doing your make-up as usual.

2) after you have finished your face, gently pat your lips with a tissue to take off any excess balm.

3) Apply your lipstick from the tube, really rub your lips together then with one-ply of the tissue, press your lips on it to take off some of the color.

4) either using the bullet again or a lip-brush reapply your lipstick. Rup your lips together again and blot once more.

5) Take a one-ply side of tissue and hold that over your lips. Take a small, fluffy brush and take a powder like Make Up Forever's HD powder or any setting powder and press that into your lips with the brush with the tissue as a barrier (prevents you from making your lips too ashy/dry.)

6) apply your lip color on top of that once more.

7) apply gloss.


I think you will find that this will really help you.

With the Occ lip tars you only need to apply it once before setting it with the powder as they are so pigmented and dry down to a satin finish anyway.


good luck!

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