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Those of you that  you love OCC lip tars, can you  give me recommendations for colors that would be good for my skin tone? I am thinking of purchasing a couple of them. My skin tone is Warm Walnut in Tarte ReCreate Foundation and WRF7 In Korres. I have yellow undertones.


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Hey there!! Well as you may know I love OCC lip tars! I think they're wonderful and the color is so pigmented!! Just a word of caution, you MUST apply these with a lip brush or else you will most likey apply too much and it will go everywhere.

here are the ones I have plus some of the ones I have my on:

Ones I own:

Anime: Full on BRIGHT pink but it's not so cool that you can't wear it. This is a daring color but I figure with the emphasis on pink this spring you will most definitely be able to pull it off.

Demure: This is a much more muted, yet still hot, pink. This is a pink you could even wear to work just add lip liner like MAC's magenta or another deep pink lip pencil:

Hoochie: This is a hot magenta that reminds me a lot of MAC's limited edition lipstick Violetta but Hoochie is more purple. It's a fantastic kind of haute couture color but somehow is not too scary on and is beautiful on darker skin tones.

Grandma: This is a clean classic coral yes, BUT it is a tad on the pastel side and is definitely one that needs lip liner. I like to wear it with bronzey, gold eyeshadows and brown eyeliner. It is a great Spring color.

Petty Beige: this is a good nude but unfortunately is still too light for me so I have to mix it with something like Fondue to really get my color. If you have a nude lipstick you love I would probably skip this one:

Tarred: Great for doing that edgy black lip but what's great about this formula is that it has a satin finish and appling a clear gloss over it takes it from Goth to edgy/sophisticated. Also great for mixing but not a necessity.


Ones I have my eye on that I think would look great on darker skin:

Beta (orange is so trendy now)



Plum (great Fall color, good for work)

Trollop ( love that in-between pink and red tone it has)

melange (another good netural work color)

Vintage (one of the BEST dark berry tones out there, very 1920s flapper girl but extremely chic and Gorgeous on dark skin)



Hope that helps!!!




I have never tried the OCC Lip Tars personally, but I went to their site and took a look at them after I saw your post because I was curious about them.  They sound great, by the way.  Anyway, looking at the color chart I think the following colors would compliment your skin tone:
- Plum
- Trollop
- Melange
- Vintage

There were some other brighter purples that would also look great on you, but I wasn't sure if you wanted to go with the wild brights, so I just listed the more everyday wear colors that I think would be good on you.

I wish I could give you first-hand advice, but maybe this will help a little anyway. Smiley Happy

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