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I'm looking for a Sephora or NARS lip color that is comparable to Bobbi Brown's "Brownie Nude' color - any suggestions?

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      In my opinion, your best bet for a NARS lip color similar to "Brownie Nude" would be NARS Lipstick in "Mindgame" or even "Hot Voodoo". Colorwise these products are almost exact replicas of Bobbi Brown's "Brownie Nude" though I'm not sure how it compares in other departments. To my understanding, NARS lipsticks deliver highly pigmented, ultra-matte color, and can be a tad bit drying. So as far as formulas go B.B.'s Treatment Lip Shine and NARS lipsticks are not quite the same.

Here's some pictures of the two colors:

Mindgame        Hot Voodoo

     Mindgame                     Hot Voodoo


     As far as Sephora lip colors go, I would say Lip Additude-Star in "Fabulous Brown" is the closest in hue to "Brownie Nude." Unlike the NARS lipsticks, Lip Attitude-Star provides a subtler color that combines the "perfect amount of lipstick and lipgloss," much like that of the Treatment Lip Shine.

Fabulous Brown 20

 Fabulous Brown 


Hope this helps!




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