New long lasting lipcolor?

Anybody have recommendations for a long lasting lip color (stains, long wear lipstick, etc) that won't dry out my lips?  The ones I've tried make my lips so dried out, even before I go to try and remove them.

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Hey, prettyinpa!  I have trouble with my lips getting dried out, too.  One thing that I've found that helps a lot when wearing a lip stain is to exfoliate my lips because lip stains are so unforgiving when it comes to the tiniest crack or bit of dry skin.  Then I apply a lip balm about 30 minutes before applying the lip stain and let it settle and absorb into my lips.  I wipe off the lip balm before applying the stain because the stain won't adhere correctly with the lip balm on your lips, but it makes it go on so much smoother and it helps to keep my lips from becoming dried out so quickly.  I keep a clear lip balm such as MAC Lip Treatment with me all day to keep my lips moist and let the stain do its job. 

Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

I used to apply lip balm before I applied stains but found that depending on the type of balm that the stain didn't settle in as nicely and wore off sooner.

It probably all depends on how the lip balm works to moisturize the lips.
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100% agree on the exfoliating part. Great tip(s).
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