New drugstore lipstick?
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I saw an advertisement for covergirl's blast flipstick the other day and I think the idea of two lipsticks is pretty cool. I want to buy one but I don't know what shade to get! I'm blonde haired, blue eyed, and fair skinned. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Smiley Happy


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i definitely want to try out that lipstick (and revlon too). 

maybe pick them up somewhere that you can return them if the color doesn't work? 


I haven't tried the covergirl ones, but I recently picked up some of the new Revlon Lip Butters! They are amazing! The product has the creamy, moisturizing application of a lip butter, the pigmentation of a lipstick that is very buildable, and it leaves a semi glossy finish that gives the appearance that you are wearing lipgloss but it isn't sticky! I have the ones in Cotton Candy, Sugar Frosting, Candy Apple, and Sweet Tart. They go for $7.84 plus tax which is a little pricey for a lipstick, but it is well worth it. You get a lot of product too. The product itself is a little bit taller than 1.5 inches. Good luck finding a new drugstore lipstick! Smiley Happy


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I'm with jxw200 about picking them up at a place where they have a good return policy.  Walgreens and CVS allow you to return the product for a cash refund.  Just keep that receipt!

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