Nars lipstick?
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Hello, everyone! I need some help identifying a lipstick. I got a (free, unasked-for) sample in a Sephora in JC Penney about three weeks ago, and I ended up loving it. Unfortunately, the name was written in dry erase marker, not permanent, and it rubbed off by the time I got it out of my purse, so I do not remember what it was called. I believe it started with a hard letter, like a T or P or V or R, not any S or vowels. I don't know how much help that is!


I think the saleslady told me it was Nars, and I have a semi-matte nude from them which feels pretty much identical, so I'm relatively sure it is a Nars lipstick.


Starting from there, it's brown, sort of chocolatey - I've never had a brown lipstick before, so I can't give any comparisons, but it's not shimmery or sparkly or reflective or metallic. I'm leaning towards thinking it's a semi-matte or matte, like my other Nars lipstick, but I've never used Nars sheer formula (since if I want sheer, I grab gloss) so I can't rule that out. It seems to have a sort of red/pink undertone, where if you put it on very lightly, it looks less brown and more nude.


Any help? I've looked at the Nars colors online, of course, but none of the color blocks look at all like it, and I can't compare the lipstick-tube pictures, because I only got a slice of the actual color and it was a much smaller amount, so it's hard to compare. Add in the fact that colors online are never 100% true-to-life, and I figured I'd better ask.


I'm looking to order online, but I can go to a store in about two weeks, too. If I brought in what remained of the sample, would any associate be able to help me find it? Or would I be better off hunting down online swatches of the Nars line and seeing if I can identify it from there?




Okay, so here are some pictures. Applied with a brush over UD clear lip liner.


This is Nars Dolce Vita on me, one coat:



My unknown shade, one coat:




Dolce Vita, two coats (it gets pinker on me the more I put on): IMG_0376.JPG

And the unknown, two coats (gets browner):



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Answered the first picture, it almost looks like Damage does on me (Damage looks purple in the tube but applies more pink on me -- it is definitely not what I would have considered from your description in the first post).


In the two-coat picture, though, this is exactly what Pigalle looks like on me -- that deep rosy brown (for lack of a better description).

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Pigalle is actually pretty brown, in my opinion -- at least on me! The only reservation that I have is that I wouldn't call it nude when applied lightly (as sjaeb mentioned) but maybe it looks nude to some, I don't know...when I think of nudes, I think of Crusing and Belle de Jour...this is significantly darker, though. It will be interesting to see which one matches!


I don't have it with me, but I do own it if you want me to post a swatch when I'm home (as you mentioned, though, it's always difficult to tell from others' photos -- but I'd be happy to attempt it!).


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If you bring what's left of the sample to stores they can swatch it and color match it there to ensure you're getting the right shade rather than guess online.


Pigalle is a semi-matte pink chocolate shade. Swatches of it online show it's a nude-pink shade, but not so much brown.




It sounds like Pigalle -- I would check it against that one when you can -- or google online swatches (even though they're never exactly the same). Pigalle is a fairly matte browned pink.


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It looks to be Pigalle to me, I've checked out images of the shade online from bloggers and it appears to have the same finish and tone.

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On a side note, it may even be a sample of a limited edition or discontinued shade, and rather than have cast members toss it, they can finish up the rest of the tester tube into samples so that way it's not wasted.


So if it's not available anymore in Nars, if you bring it in, you may find another line that has a similar shade.

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