My lips are so small and thin. Help!
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I have horribly thin lips. Can anyone give me some good tips on giving them a fuller look? Anything??

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I feel your pain, but remember ...thin lips are pretty too.  =) 


The ladies at Sephora showed me the very same advice that the prior post mentioned.  It works, it really does.  Use the Too Faced Boarder pencil ...its very nice.  =)  Woman Happy

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Use a highlighter on your cupids bow, the dip right below your nose. 

Dot a very light shimmery pink shadow, Smashbox in Champagne, right in the center of your bottom lip and blend it slightly outwards.

I then use a light reflecting lipgloss, I like peach from Bobbi Brown but any of these colors you like would be good.

If you really want a bigger look buy a natural lip colored pencil and trace just outside the rim but be careful this can look really fake if done wrong.

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One way to give the illusion of having larger lips is to do a few tricks with makeup as follows:

-          Apply a light layer of foundation and powder to your lips.

-          Using a nude lip liner, trace the outside edge of your natural lip line.  Don’t over-exaggerate the line, just keep it right above your natural lip line.

-          Color your lips with pencil and top with a coat of neutral, shimmery lipstick.

-          For extra fullness, add a dab of shimmer right in the middle of your lower lip.

You may also want to use a lip plumper to help enhance your lips.  When choosing a lip enhancement product the most important aspect is the ingredients used in its formulation.  Some lip plumpers contain more effective ingredients than others. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is potent ingredient contained in some lip plumpers.  HA, used in the medical community to help patients heal more quickly, helps women quickly generate new, strong cells when applied to the lips.  Peptides are also proven ingredients that can help women turn over new cells and boost collagen production. Ingredients that are effective in producing instant plumping and increasing natural color are cinnamon, pepper extracts or benzyl nicotinate.  It is also important to pick a product that has moisturizers like jojoba oil and Vitamin E so that lips stay soft and hydrated.

Although the number of choices on the market may seem overwhelming, it is important to realize that whatever product you choose, you should make sure it contains the ingredients that will give you the desired effect.  Current scientific evidence shows that lip plumping products should plump lips instantly, have long term effects, reduce fine lines and wrinkles around lips and most importantly contain quality ingredients.  Lip plumpers are an amazing investment that will safely help you achieve a fuller, firmer lip and give you a sexy smile that will light up the room.

Here are some of the top lip plumpers:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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