Monica Lewinsky's lipstick worn during the famous Barbara Walters interview.
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Yes, I remember too! People went crazy asking about it after that aired. It was Club Monaco's Beauty Sheer Lipstick in Glaze over a lip pencil in the color Bare.


A fantastic alternative is Laura Mercier's Stick Gloss Lipstick in Black Orchid. It has that same sheer plummy-brown effect once it's on the lips.

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Stila made a perfect dupe of this in the lipstick called "Natalie". It was so close to Club Monaco's Glaze that you literally could NOT tell the difference. Unfortunately, Stila discontinued this lipstick but I'm sure it can still be found - perhaps on ebay.

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I remember the color. It was made by club monacos makeup brand. Long discontinued.


It was glossy, rosey toned.

 This one from Sephora comes close to the texture and color.


Pink Caress, #5



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