Makeup for fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes?
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Hey girls! I'm looking for the right color lip glosses,lip sticks, and eyeshadows for fair skin blonde hair, and blue eyes. Any advice?


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That's a tough question to answer without knowing what kind of look you're going for. I'm the same coloring, and I'm convinced that we can wear ANY lip color. It just depends on style and sometimes, matching blush. Smiley Happy  Luckily, some of my favorite brands have awesome sets for the holidays.


Tarte has beautiful colors available. Their lip tints are sheer but buildable, and great for experimenting with new shades. The matte colors are more opaque, and my personal favorites. Good, neutral, but noticable shades to try might be Exposed or Hope (also available in this set in the matte version, or Amused and Joy in the tint version.


Buxom is also very, very popular. Their glosses have a delicious brown sugar smell and a minty taste. They also tingle a little bit when you put them on for a plumping effect. Thier holiday kit has a little more shade range than the Tarte one, so you can experiment with the colors and figure out what you like the best.


Eye color basics are a little easier. Not to beat a Naked horse, but I really do adore the original Naked palette. Half Baked is a perfect golden shade to make blue eyes pop. Golds, coppers and medium browns contrast with your eyes and make them stand out beautifully.


Urban Decay shadows really can't be beat in my opinion. I also like to use just a smidge of green or purple for a little pop of color. To be honest, non-neutral shades intimidate me, but UD's Bender and ACDC are so stunning I can't resist.


Hope that helps!



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