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Hi! I'm 14 and I usually only wear lip glosses or coral lipstick. I want to try and go for a lightish red color but I don't know what product to use. I've heard that stains are good but I've never actually tried one. I don't want to go too dark! Thanks for the help! Smiley Very Happy

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Urban decay pocket rocket lipgloss is perfect! I have Timothy and even though the swatch shown online shows it as more of a pink, it is totally a coral/red and the more you put in the redder it gets. But if you put ver little on it is more of a medium pink/coral. Its really how much you apply. I am only twelve so I usually dont put much on, but every once in a while if I am going shopping or something I'll go a little heavier to get more of a coral/red!

Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss

Timothy - Weekend Prep

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