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Hi! I'm 14 and I usually only wear lip glosses or coral lipstick. I want to try and go for a lightish red color but I don't know what product to use. I've heard that stains are good but I've never actually tried one. I don't want to go too dark! Thanks for the help! Smiley Very Happy

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Hi Foreverashley15,


I agree that Tarte makes some amazing light red lipstains.Smiley Happy


I also think that you should look into trying the Benefit Benetint, it looks dark in the packaging but when it's applied it is a beautiful sheer red shade. This product can also be used on the your cheeks!



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if you swipe the tarte for trueblood lip stain on your lip's outer edges. then blend with your fingers, and then dot the colr all over your lips, it will give you a light red/ hot pink color. you can also build up the color so it is a red, but i don't recomend doing this for and everyday look.      

Tarte for True Blood&#153; Limited-Edition LipSurgence&#153; Natural Lip TintTarte for True Blood™ Limited-Edition LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Tint


Urban decay pocket rocket lipgloss is perfect! I have Timothy and even though the swatch shown online shows it as more of a pink, it is totally a coral/red and the more you put in the redder it gets. But if you put ver little on it is more of a medium pink/coral. Its really how much you apply. I am only twelve so I usually dont put much on, but every once in a while if I am going shopping or something I'll go a little heavier to get more of a coral/red!

Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss

Timothy - Weekend Prep


Hey there Smiley Happy You said you were looking for nice colors and lip stains? Well, here is a value pack of great lip stains! You can find what you like in here because of the variety of colors. Don't forget, you still are 14 correct? Don't be afraid to expirement, but don't go too far. Have fun and good luck! Smiley Very Happy

Here is the link-


I still really like to but a full color lipstick and pat it on my lips.  Let it sink in a bit and kiss the back of your hand, then apply a clear gloss.  This makes any color wearable.  Or you can put on a clear gloss then dab on a little of the lipstick over the top, press them together to spread the color evenly.

I agree Tarte's lip stains are fabulous! They are super moisturizing and have buildable color. Hope this helps!
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Hi foreverashleym


I agree about the Tarte Lip Stains. I love these for their ultra hydrating feel and soft tints of colors. Their staying power is amazing and the variety is great.


Try the Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster in


 LipSurgence&#8482; Natural Lip Luster


or the Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint in





 or Peaceful




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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