Looking for lip treat more moisturizing than SUGAR

Is there a lip treat w/ SPF more moisturizing than SUGAR by Fresh?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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I've been using vaseline at night and the nivea a kiss of milk and honey lip balm during the day and my lips are always moisturized. I've found both products to be better than anything I've tried - plus they're budget friendly so I can buy more perfume! Smiley Happy

The key with vaseline, petroleum, and petrolatum based products is that they prevent transepidermal water loss, in other words, they prevent moisture from leaving the skin. This is both a good and a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Much of the lip product world relies on petroleum or a form or it someway some how as a staple ingredient in products because of it's ability to provide a barrier for lips to prevent elements like extreme cold and environmental stressers from affecting lips. On the down side, if the lips you are wanting to protect are already parched and dehydrated, putting on a water-locking barrier over them won't really help in infusing any moisture back into them. So it's like a shield locking out elements from already dried lips.

The key thing to do if you can't avoid petroleum and petroleum based lip products is to be sure whatever formula you use on your lips has nourishing and hydrating ingredients too like vitamin E, shea butter, and humectants! Smiley Happy
The formula that i pick up has cocoa butter in it. It's helped my lips so much and it smells like vacation.

Thanks for the info lylysa. Smiley Happy
Oooo, love me some cocoa butter! ^_^ That's good that the vaseline formula has that added in!
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