Lipstick colors for Gingers?

Hi there!!


I'm looking for a hot shade of lipstick to wear in the summer, but I'm having difficulty chosing one to fit me..I have deep red hair, kind of an auburn..and I have pale skin (but not like marshmallow pale..).

Any suggestions?


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Hi infinite3 - I'm also a redhead but I have a snow-white complexion and I usually favor pinks and corals. I think you can do almost anything as long as it's not too extreme. Anything that's too orange or brown usually doesn't work for me and reds are very difficult to nail just right.


I think the finish of the lipstick is a bigger issue than the actual color. Matte shades seem to be the biggest problem for me and for many redheads that I see in person and on TV, in movies and magazines. I think if you go with something glossier or with a nice sheen you'll find the most success, some cremes can also be iffy.


So keep your eyes peeled for other redheads, see what they're wearing and learn from THEIR mistakes. Also, there is a company called JFR - Just For Redheads (.com) You can check out there website and get some ideas. I'd love it if you let me know how you make out with this. Best of luck and hope to hear from you.

I will have to check out JFR - thanks for the tip!
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Hi Grammarous - you welcome, let me know if you find anything you like there, You can send me a PM if you'd like, I know how to track 'threads' but I'm not sure how to track 'comments' I just happened to catch this one. So if you'd like to, feel free. Love your username by the way. cute. Hope you find some great things.Smiley Happy


Also, I usually have success with pinks, corals and pinky-peach tones, even mauve's sometimes. I think it's more about the finish and depth of color. I can't go real deep and usually go to shinier, glossier, shimmery-er finishes. Matte colors don't work on me and occasionally I'll find a nice creme shade. It's not easy being a red-head!! Best of luck.

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Thanks so much for the link
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