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Does anyone know of a lip plumper that doesn't make your lips sting or tingle too much? My lips are really sensitive. I've tried several lip plumpers, and any that didn't tingle, didn't work. I know that the tingle is how you know it works, but it would be great if there were some that worked and had a minimal tingle. Thanks in advance!!

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Hello teenvoguegirl!


Have you tried the Fusion Beauty Lip Plumpers?

Fusion Color Plumpers.jpg

I really like the Fusion ones because they don't give off a hurting or burning sensation but still gave a great plump. My lips almost felt like they fell asleep (if that's possible  Smiley Wink ) . You can also try layering a lip plumper on top of a lipstick for less tingle while keeping the plumping action. I hope this helps you! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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