Lip Fusion


Has anyone tried Lip Fusion? How did it work for you? Is there a better lip plumper out there....if so what's the best you've tried?

Thanks, Ev

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Wow, really? I actually had the opposite effect! I use it every day since I purchased lip fusion.


I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and my top lip is definitely fuller, my bottom lip looks pretty much the same to me. The tingly feeling is actually nice - to me this one has more of a numbing feeling and it only lasts maybe 5 minutes (although I do understand it a personal preference on liking that tingly feeling... I always have)


As for the feel of my lips - I've actually continued using it (especially before bed) to keep my lips moisturized! I wonder if there was a problem with your sample prettyinpa, or if it reacted to your lips differently. Smiley Sad I honestly have been using them since they keep my lips more moisturized than any other balm/ lip moisturizing product I've tried! (and that's quite a few...I like soft lips... Smiley Wink )

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