Lip Color For Fair-Skin, Red Head

Trying to figure out the best lip shade! I have naturally brown hair, which is currently dyed a deep red. I have fair skin with brown eyes. I have a dreamy red lipstick (NARS Shanghai Express), but I'm looking for a lip color that isn't so dramatic for a daily wear.


I absolutely love NARS, but I'm open to any lip brand.



Any reccomendations? 

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If you want a good color for day time I would stick with a neutral shade, bite beauty has lush lip tints color tangelo would be nice. Try and stay away from pinks as it may clash with your new red hair. Depending on what color red your hair is you can experiment and even wear some peachy tones Nars orgasm lipgloss is perfect for everyday or even Giza for some more color. It's really important to experiment being there are so many different shades of red hair and so many possibilities!
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If you want to stick in the red family (because it's such a GORGEOUS color) but want something more subtle for day time, try Benefit's Benetint Lip Balm! It's got a very sheer, glossy rose tint that makes lips look hydrated, shiny, and supple!


I love wearing it alone because of how natural it is, it gives a just bitten/slight flush to the lips, but also looks great layered over a nude or light pink lipstick!


It also looks gorgeous layered over red lips, it makes color so much richer and gives it that glossy shine without being rubby to cause red to bleed.

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