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My favorite lipstick at the moment is "Babydoll" by LORAC. It's a beautiful salmon color that looks great year-round but the formula is somewhat drying on my lips. I have tried using comparable colored glossed with it but it distorts the original hue. Does anyone know of an identical color lipstick? (I really don't like gloss and prefer lipstick). Here is a link to the LORAC lipstick so you can see the color (color swatch is quite accurate): http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P4174&categoryId=B70 I guess I'm looking for that pinkish-peachish sex-kitten/playboy look ...
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Urban Decay Lipstick in the shade Indecent and Lovechild are similar to your LORAC lippie.  You can find them at:  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P219002&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=3806

However, if you want to keep using your lipstick and keep it from being so drying without changing the color, I would suggest applying MAC Lip Treatment which comes in a roll-up tube like lipstick, but it's colorless and will just moisten your lips before applying your lipstick over it.  Sephora doesn't sell MAC, but you can find MAC online and in a lot of department stores.  I would go this route first since you'd be able to keep your favorite lipstick.

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I would try NARS lipstick in Barbarella (sheer peach) or Sexual Healing (metallic peachy rose) -- they're not identical, but they're both sheer, peachy shades.




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