Is Dior lip maximizer a lip balm or a lip gloss

If it's a lip gloss, then do I need to take it off everyday with makeup remover? My concern is that if I leave it for extended time the pigments are going to deposit in my lips.

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it helps gives your lips luscious, full volume lip and the colour is a very natural colour. I wouldn't worry about the colouring depositing into your skin but at the end of the day when you're removing your makeup and if you have a little room left on the cotton just wipe your lips that way you won't worry too much.

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It is actually a lip plumper, which is a lip gloss that gives your lips a plumped effect.  You don't need to worry about the pigment staining your lips--lip glosses do not do that.  Most of it will come off when wiped off with a tissue, but using a little makeup remover will definitely get it all the way off.

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