In need of an objective lipstick opinion -

I have been eyeing the MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #37 but also Dior Addict Reflet - give it to me straight ladies, are these too similar in color to justify getting both? I can't see through the haze of lipstick lust haha Below are swatches, 



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well, I have the MUFE in 36, and I can tell you they are really opaque while dior looks a bit more sheer. MUFE 37 have a warm undertone while dior looks like it have a cooler undertone. If you'd totally go for the fun candy bright color, MUFE is good. If you want more natural looking lips, dior is good. They are definitely different enough that you can get both, but I pick what to buy depending on: 1. do I own a similar item already, and 2. how often do I use that similar item.

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