HELP!!! I need long-lasting lipsticks!!
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I love to wear lipstick during the fall and winter seasons and I am in desperate need to find a long lasting lipstick that won't flake. Is there a cosmetics line that has a long-lasting lipstick? Plus, it must has colors to suit all skin complexion.

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Try the lipstains at Chanel counters.  I have two, one in Rose Garnet and one in Rose Morganite and they are GORGEOUS.  The lipstains each have a clear gloss that goes over the color, and I've gotten 8-10 hours of wear time out of them easily, which includes eating, drinking and working out with it on.  There's a range of shades and I'm ready to get another...if I had the money.  No other lipstick I've tried (and I've tried and have A LOT) has really lasted more than 2-3 hours of wear time.  The Chanel lipstains are about $34 each, but well worth it.

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hi, alicisany!


a long-wearing lipstick that you might like is the stila long-wearing lipsticks. they really do last, especially if you prep your lips well. first use a lip exfoliator, then a lip balm and lip liner(stila also makes a long-wearing one) i'd wait a few minutes to let the balm absorb before applying the liner, and then the lipstick. the colors truly are for everyone from red to pink to brown and nude. hope this works!

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You can look for the Fran Wilson in Beauty Supply stores.

You can also order online.


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I love the MAKE UP FOREVER lipsticks and liners. They come in a wide range of colors, and MUFE even has a lipstick shade finder using hair and skin tones. Use Benefit or Urban Decay lip primer and the color will last even longer.
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I agree- Primers will help keep your lipstick on without drying out your lips.  


There are many long wearing lip colors available on the market- lip stains are a big trend now and offer long wearing color that doesn't flake off.  Try Josie Maran or Smashbox lip stains.



You can also try some new application techniques.  Start with a hydrated and conditioned lip, then apply lip primer all over the lip and follow with a waterproof lipliner.  Fill in most of the lip area with the waterproof lipliner.  (I like Makeup Forever or Sephora Collection waterproof lipliners).  Then apply one coat of your favorite lipstick.  Blot it off by pressing a tissue once on the lips and removing it.  Apply a second coat of lipstick and repeat the blotting technique.  Then apply a sheer layer of translucent powder and repeat one last coat of lipstick.  This will help your lipstick stay on longer and you can do it with what you own already.


If you would rather have a long wearing lipstick then try Stila longwearing Lipcolors or Sephora Collection longwearing lipsticks.  Both have the texture of a lipstick but stay on longer than a traditional lipstick and are not drying.  






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I really like the Fran Wilson lipsticks. They're the ones that are called Mood Matchers. One is green, but it turns pink.

There is a variety of colors you can buy.

If you want  a peachy pink, get the yellow one. I like the Green and the light blue one. They turn a pink rosey color.

The color really stays on well.


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