Fresh sugar lip treatment
What do you guys think about Fresh's Sugar lip treatment? I have used it before, but I have never tried any of the other kinds and I cant decide if the price is worth it or not. LexiKaye<3
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I also love this product and feel it is a must have throughout my day. I first tried the product in November (Honey) and love it so much that I want to try the plum one as well.  I like the Honey because it is such a great neutral color and other lipsticks/glosses look great layered on top.  I felt the same as you before buying the product but am so happy I did.  It will leave your lips moisturized all day which is so important, especially in the winter weather!!


For me, this is a must have product for the lips. Especially in the harsh winter weather, the Fresh Sugar Lip treatment is the only thing and deeply hydrates my lips. I have tried countless other chaptsticks and balms such as Neutrogena, Nevia, "Chapstick" and Burts Bees, but NOTHING compares to Fresh. Where the other ones only temporarily treated my lips, and didn't fix the flaking/peeling problem, one application of this treatment lasts at least 8hours or so.


Try the Fresh Sugar Fix holiday set. It comes with a half tube of the treatment, as well as a half container of the scrub. When my lips were at their flakiest, I used the scrub every other day. Now I use it once a week, it feels great and keeps my lips kissably smooth Smiley Happy Or for the same price, you can get the full size lip treatment.


Hope this helps!


Hi lexikaye!


In case you were wondering, I'm going to second (or fourth!) everyone's great tips and say YES it is a fantastic investment! If you like a nude natural lip you can use the clear treatment or the nude-honey shade which is super soft. For a bit more color try the plum or rose (both of which I have and LOVE!) Smiley Happy 


There's even the new advanced therapy lip treatment in case your lips need a little extra love and conditioning. 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Hi Lexikaye,


I love the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, I am on my third tube! It smells amazing (like fresh sweet lemons) and really hydrates your lips. The come in a variety of shades that will give your lips a slight tint. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed.Smiley Happy


Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

<3 Melissa

I have all of the colors.  It feels great on, has SPF so your lips don't burn or get chapped, and is honestly worth the price.  I usually have one of them on underneath my lipstick or gloss, if not on it's own.  Next time I'm at Sephora, I'll be buying my third tube of the original one.


Does Fresh's Sugar lip treatment work?  Absolutely.  It's a really great product.  In terms of moisture and a gentle exfoliation, it does exactly what it claims.  It is a touch pricey, but you are definitely getting your money's worth.


However, I won't be buying it again.  I want to, but it just keeps melting on me!!  And really, Carmex works really well on me without greasing up my purse/jean pocket, and a home-made lip scrub works just as well if I ever feel the need for it (which has been a grand total of zero).

Sometimes fresh sugar lip treatments get pricey. That's why I like DIY lip scrubs. It's kinda like a lipgloss version of a sugar lip treatment. All you need is a small plastic container or a glass jar ( like one for baby food ), petroleum jelly, a small spoon, your favorite lipgloss ( squeeze tube lipgloss), and some sugar. First you take your container and fill it with petroleum jelly ( leave some room at the top, but not too much room ). Then put in some sugar in the container( don't be afraid to be generous ). Then put some lip gloss in. Then stir. If the scrub feels like jelly add more sugar. If the scrub feels like griddy sand, you have enough. If you are not satisfied with the color, add more lipgloss or try another color. This also applies if your lipgloss had a flavor. Stir again if you did these past steps. Put the scrub in refrigerator until the texture feels slightly different ( about 5 mins ). After that, take the scrub out of the refrigerator. Apply the scrub to your lips. Leave on for as long as you want.You can wipe it off or lick it off. This scrub moisturizes the lips, exfoliates the lips, and makes your lip products stay on longer. I suggest you use the scrub before you wear lip products. Good luck. 💋
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I am still debating, I just bought it today. I hesitated a bit bc of the price, but so far its made my lips feel great.
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