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i had a sunburn on my lips from being out on a boat all day and i tried all sorts of lipbalms to heal my burnt and bleeding lip. Day 5 and i was still not seeing ANY impriovement. The only thing that helped was a VASOLINE lip treatment that came free with my purchase of Body Lotion at the groshery store. I am in love with it and use it as my go-to lipbalm. I think the closest thing at Sephora would be 


Rosebud Perfume Co. - Minted Rose Lip Balm



its plumping and healing. Never leaving without my Vasoline lip balm. Also, i should have used spf on my lips , that was my initial mistake!!.

Just thought I'd share!!

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I'm obsessed with Rosebud Salve lip balm. I must have 4-5 tins scattered throughout my house and bags at any given time. They keep my lips smooth and moisturized without ever drying them out. It also doubles as a great salve for burns and dry patches. I've even used a little on my hands if I'm having a difficult time removing rings.

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