Dupes for Russian Red and Ruby Woo I can buy from Sephora?

I've searched for a wearable red lipstick and I think the best suggestions I've found are Russian Red and Ruby Woo, both from MAC.  I don't own any MAC.  There is no MAC store near me.  And since they have no rewards program at all, I am totally, completely, 100% turned off by MAC.  


Can anyone suggest dupes for these 2 colors which I could buy from Sephora online at around the same cost?  I was also going to get their lip pencils in Redd and Hip n Happy, so dupes for those would be great too.  Btw, I am more interested in the Russian Red as I like the finish better.  I'm not thrilled with the super matte finish of the Ruby Woo, but so many people have said it is the #1 red which is easy for almost all women to wear.  Thanks!

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Mac actually does have a "reward" incentive... it's their Back To MAC program. I, myself, have Ruby Woo. I love it, BUT with a gloss over it because it can be drying. MAC has the most amazing lipsticks I've found, in terms of color selection, color payoff, and wear, but I completely understand that ordering makeup online from a brand you've never used before could be an issue. I also don't think MAC's return policy is as great as Sephora's. That being said, MAC's lipsticks are fairly cheap at $14.50, so it may be a little more difficult to find that at Sephora... but I recommend the Lancome Rouge In Love Lipcolor in Sequence of Love. It IS $25, but it's a gorgeous cool red color that's incredibly pigmented and moisturizing. Smashbox also has the Be Legendary Lipsticks for $19. Try Infrared (it's a matte lipstick, though.) Both of these colors would be compared to MAC's Russian Red. 

I have tried many options as far as dupes for Russian Red but I have to say that Russian Red is the best red lipstick there is. I also think they have a great customer service and they often offer free delivery and a really quick one! Revlon makes a great red lipstick in their matte finish as well as an amazing nude one... But I still buy the Russian Red. I've tried a NARS one but it is not comparable. Lady danger from MAC is great too! Good luck.

Hi Whigrose,


Both are gorgeous shades of matte red. I highly recommend the Illamasqua lipsticks. They are all matte and have rich pigment. Here are my dupe recommendations!


Box - matte deep scarlet red


product image

Howl - matte terra cotta

product image

COLOR Maneater - matte classic red

product image

To prevent feathering, I also suggest the Too Faced Borderline Smoothing Pencil. It goes on clear but it helps your lipstick stay in place.


product image


<3 Melissa
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