Dry Lips!

Does anyone have a favorite lip balm that is NOT glossy, almost "not there," and smooth enough to wear under lipstick? This freezing weather has been chapping my lips and making my lips look like crumbled parchment paper under my lip products. 

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Hi Glossy-


Have you ever tried the Anthony Logistics Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF 25. It's amazing because it contains Resveratrol which slow the aging process. I also like that the lip treatment has zero shine!


It comes in Mint and White Tea

Anthony Logistics For Men - Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF 25

or Blood Orange

Anthony Logistics For Men - Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF 25

<3 Melissa

I know what you mean! I live in a hot climate but I always have chapped lips and too many balms are like glosses nowadays and my lipstick just slides off. I read in a beauty mag a while ago that it is better to look for balms that have similiar ingredients to lipstick. They cited Burt's Bees lip balms as a good example of what to wear under a lipstick since the main ingredient is bees wax ( and most lipsticks are wax based).


My go-to has always been Labello (the regular blue "classic" formula; I think Nivea is the same formula here). I also love the fruit flavors because some of them leave a little color.


I do really like the Anthony Logistics balm, too -- it came free when I bought my glycolic face cleanser, and I love the formula (the one I have is mint, but now I really want blood orange...I love blood orange). Jack Black is great, too; I think I have the lavender vanilla -- it's like vaseline.




I think the Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF isn't that glossy. If that's not good enough, why not just try Vaseline? That has always been very moisturizing without being glossy. I hope this helps and good luck!


Glossy: Yes, I <3 Burt's Bee's lip balm and Burt's Bees lip conditioner. The conditioner is especially nice in the winter and especially great for very dry chapped lips (which I get too) although even the regular lip balm that comes in the plastic tube is great as well.


I actually love the Jack Black lip balms too, but I didn't realize anything about the Anthony Logistics lips balm until Melissa mentioned it, I might just try one of those for back up!:smileyhappy:


the only two that really work for me are Kielhs and Aquaphor. 


Smith's Rosebud lip balm is my favorite. I like their regular and their minted version. It works under my lipstick and helps combat this cold weather.


Vaseline lip therapy in the pot. I put it on at night and wake up with it still there! 


That happens to me, too. The most moisturizing lip balm I've ever tried is Jack Black Lip Therapy SPF25, a close second is Fresh Sugar lip treatment (not the tinted ones).


I have tried Anthony Logistic in blood orange, but it left a weird white film over my mouth that doesn't absorb but can be wiped off after a while. Jack Black also leave a thin film, but it's clear and not as noticeable. If you are going to layer, I would suggest the Fresh Sugar one.


What I do is, right after brushing teeth/washing face, I put on generous layer of Fresh Sugar lip balm first. Then I do the skincare and make up (except for lips). Lastly, I wipe the lips with my finger (the balm is absorbed by then) to make sure it's smooth/prepped and then apply lipstick/gloss.


I agree with some of the other posters - Fresh Sugar Treatment with SPF is my favorite.  Under and over lipstick!


I really like the Sugar Lip Treatment. I've been using it under my lipstick. It definitely helps my dry lips and allows my lipstick to go on smooth.  Make sure to buy the one that isn't tinted. 


Yes- Nivea! It is available in drugstores and makes my lips so soft and NOT sticky!  I first discovered it while in Germany when my lips were chapping because of the cold weather. (It's called Labello there) :smileyhappy:
Hope this helps!



Top 3 picks:


1. Anthony Logistics (the blood orange scent is amazing)

2. Jack Black (has menthol so it's cooling, not sure if that's something you like/want to steer away from)

3. Tokyo Milk Dark lip elixirs (also makes a great salve for cuticles)

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I hear ya! I'd been looking for the SAME thing. You can't get this @ Sephora, but if you follow beauty bloggers Essie Button recommended Nuxe Rev de Miel lip balm, and I got it @ birchbox and LOVE it. You can layer it on thick or thin. I let it soak in while I'm putting on makeup and then it's great for under lipstick. It's made with honey and can get a little gritty at first but when your natural body heat warms it it dissolves. It's healthy (no toxins that most lines have in them) and it feels and smells wonderful!

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jack black lip balm (:

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Dollar Tree has Chap Ice, like a generic chap color or flavor)  I don't like to pay lots for lip balm, because they have a tendancy to get lost/fall out of a pocket..


best generic/greasy one is Vaseline..put some in a old lip tin and carry with you.. good as a cuticle cream too!!


good luck!

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