Do I need lip liner?
I associate lip liner with very old school makeup application (think: 90s makeup where where lip liner was darker than lipstick), but I just started getting into lipstick (particularly Nars) and keep hearing that lip liner is key. Any thoughts about necessity?
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Lip liner can be very handy if your lipstick is of the highly moisturizing type that has a tendency to "bleed", feather or migrate into fine lines near your mouth. If you use liner, choose one that is either nude colored like Smashbox the Nude Lip liner or the same shade as your lipstick so as the lipstick fades, you aren't left with that awful dark ring around your lips. 


Too Faced makes a lip liner that is clear that you can use to keep your lipstick from migrating called Borderline Smoothing AntiFeathering Lip Pencil that you trace around your lips and it works great to prevent feathering.


Too Faced:



Hope this helps!

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Hello! I won't touch upon the need for lip liner, since the girls before me covered all the essentials.  But, if you're anything like me and hate using lip liner, I've found a good alternative.


Both products will keep your lipstick from feathering, because it locks the color into place.  I don't use primers for more natural colors (the shades only a few shades darker than my natural lip color), but I will use it when I'm wearing red hues or something really vibrant.


I prefer this over lip liner, because I'd had issues where the lipstick will fade away, but the lip liner remains (even the nude colors!)  However, I do believe that is just how lipstick wears on me because I am in ortho.   


Either way, now you've got some options! :-) 

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I agree with Prettyinpa. Lip liner is not a necessity in all cases, but it can help prolong the wear of your lipstick. If you are wearing a more sheer lipstick, once it starts to fade the lipliner can act similar to a stain underneath.

Lip liner can also help transform the color of your lipstick. Sometimes a true nude lipstick can be warmed up with a more berry color lipliner underneath applied all over the lips then blended together.

I use lip liner everyday to create a more polished look, but I use it filled in with gloss or balm on top.

Some lip pencils can be worn as both, such as the Sephora vinyl lip pencils or NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil.


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil

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I've always heard that you only need a lip liner if your lips are very thin, remember liners are to emphasize or bring out features.

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i only find the need for lip liner when i'm wearing bright or darker colors that can look bad when smudged

if your wearing a nude or light color you don't have to use one , but lip primer like the girl above said is always a good thing as well

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Lipliner can help make your lips appear bigger if done right.  But other people use lipliner to prevent the lipstick or lipgloss from bleeding onto the face

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